With So Much Love, Thank You Mom

Now that I’m parenting my own teenagers, I am filled with so much admiration and gratitude for you, Mom.

Thank you for always giving me the freedom to make my own mistakes and to learn from them. I know how hard this is.

Thank you for never talking badly about my friends in front of me. You gave me the respect to make my own decisions about how they treated me.

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Thank You to My Mom

Thank you for not trying to be my friend when I was a teenager. I didn’t need more friends. I needed a Mom to guide me and show me how to be an adult. You did that with grace and love, and now we are the best of friends.

Thank you for biting your tongue so many, many times throughout the years when I was forging my own path. I truly understand now how hard that is.

Thank you for watching us all move far away from you, without inducing any guilt or confessing your sadness at the time. I now know how gut-wrenching it is to watch a child leave home and spread their wings.

Thank you for only giving me your parenting advice when I asked for it.  For watching me do things differently, but never telling me I was doing it wrong.

Thank you for always making my children feel loved and cherished. For sitting in those bleachers for hours, whenever you had the chance.

Thank you for always asking how they are doing and being delighted in their every accomplishment.

Thank you most of all, Mom, for instilling in us a reverence for making family time a priority. For raising us to know that things are not important, but people are.

And family are the people who provide unconditional love.

And will carry on your legacy long after you are gone.

Thank you Mom.

With so much love.

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