15 Helpful Stress Relief Gifts for Busy Students

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We know here at Grown & Flown that teens and students are notoriously some of the most difficult to shop for. The trends seem to be changing at a pace no one can keep up with. But one thing most students have in common is stress. What better way to show your teen you care than with one of the best stress relief gifts? 

We searched all over the internet for the most timeless, trendy, and useful relaxing gifts for the student in your life. Some of these products we have used ourselves and loved, and others are all the rage on social media. If you want to help your teen unplug from their busy schedule then look no further than these 15 stress relief gifts that any busy student would appreciate. 

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The Best Stress Relief Gifts

1. For the Crafty Teen: The Woobles Beginners Crochet Kit

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This Wobbles crochet kit for beginners is the perfect introduction to a new hobby for any student who likes to be creative while de-stressing. These kits come with easy-to-follow video tutorials and adorable animal and character designs to choose from. With more than 2,700 reviews on Amazon and a 4.7-star rating, they’re quite popular, and if your giftee is having trouble, the brand even offers unlimited help for new crocheters over email and text. It’s the ideal stress relief gift for those who love to learn new skills while relaxing, and they’ll get a cute plushie they can show off after. 

2. For the Self-Care Guru: Eccolo Self Care Journal Blue

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We all have the student in our lives who opts for self-care when they’re getting overwhelmed. Sometimes that comes in the form of writing down their feelings. This flashing “Self Care” journal is the perfect place to do so. This witty journal is filled with encouraging and inspiring words and has lined spaces to write how they’re feeling alongside their mood and energy levels. It’s a more mindful way for them to take control of their emotions.

3. For the Student With Too Much Screen Time: RENPHO Eyeris Eye Mask and Massager

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This is one way to elevate usual normal eye mask. The RENPHO Eyeris features oscillating pressure and rhythmic percussion massaging and heating pads with a comfortable temperature between 104 and 107 degrees F. Plus, it connects to their smartphone to play music while they relax. The company recommends using it for only 15 minutes before bed every night to help with sleep; they’ll soon appreciate this “wacky” gadget. 

4. For the Student With a Green Thumb: Modern Sprout Glow and Grow

What better way to expel nurturing, calming energy than through plants? We found two incredible dorm-friendly options that your nature-loving teen is sure to enjoy. The Modern Sprout Glow and Grow starts out as a zen-inducing candle that becomes a stunning planter for the grow kit included in the package. Just be sure their dorm or apartment complex allows candles before gifting it! 

They’ll have hours to enjoy the candle before they take their green thumb for a spin with their choice of herb, wildflower, aloe, or spruce seeds. We love a two-in-one stress relief gift!

5. For the Teen Who Loves To Rest and Recharge: PB Teen Weighted Throw

Credit: PB Teen

If you don’t have a weighted blanket yourself, trust us, you’re missing out. For students who need that extra push to wind down at the end of the day, a weighted blanket is sure to be their new and relaxing best friend. It feels like a warm hug thanks to the extra weight compared to a fuzzy throw. We love this traditional throw from PB Teen that will blend right in with their current bedding. 

6. Best for the Student Who Loves to Zen Out: Essential Oil Diffusers 

Credit: Amazon / Pottery Barn

If your student loves a mindful moment and a relaxing, stress-free atmosphere, they need an essential oil diffuser, which is not a dorm fire hazard like a candle is. The perfect way to level up their bedtime or post-studying routing, these oil diffusers both moisturize the air and make it smell amazing. It will give them some relaxing aromatherapy, and you can get them a pack of essential oils so they can match their mood.  

We like this inexpensive option from ASAKUKI, which boasts a large water tank, seven different LED light colors, several mist timer modes, and an auto-off switch. But if you want to splurge on your giftee, this elevated Fountain Diffuser from Pottery Barn offers a warmer glow with seven changing lights, up to 8 hours of runtime, and an automatic shut-off when the tank is empty. 

Get the ASAKUKI 300ML Essential Oil Diffuser:

Get the Fountain Diffuser:

7. For the Active Student: A Fitness Tracker

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Fitness trackers are an incredible, loving way to encourage your student to focus a little more on their well-being. For the serious athlete, WHOOP is a first-of-its-kind, sleek wrist tracker that primarily focuses on rest, sleep, and recovery.

It doesn’t buzz their wrists with notifications but still provides constant real-time physiological data, including heart rate, respiratory rate, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature, blood oxygen levels, and daily activity. They’ll get a complete picture of their fitness and stress levels to prioritize themselves. Just note that you’ll need to pay for the WHOOP membership yearly to get access to all these specs.   

For a more affordable option, we also recommend the Fitbit Inspire 3. It’s sleek while giving similar activity data and fitness tracking that can help encourage daily movement, even on a stressful day. There’s even a new feature that shows users exactly how they are handling stress management and where they might be able to improve.

Buy the WHOOP 4.0:

Buy the Fitbit Inspire 3:

8. For the Yogi: Gaiam Yoga Mat

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We know your yogi might already have a yoga mat, but what better way to encourage their stress-relieving fitness routine than to gift them a better, more durable, new one? 

We love this colorful pick from Gaiam that’s both affordable and durable enough to tote from the school gym for the dorm room. It also comes in many colors and patterns, so you’ll surely find something they’ll love. They’ll be lying in savasana in no time. 

9. For the Skincare Obsessed Teen: Ice Roller and Sensitive Skincare 

Credit: Amazon

Many teens and students alike regard skincare as the pinnacle of self-care. If your loved one is obsessing over the latest TikTok skin recommendations or the newest release at Sephora, they will love these products, which are both Gen Z tested and approved. 

First things first: The ice roller. It’s the perfect de-puffing pick-me-up every student needs after a long night in the library. Ice rollers gently massages your face, with the coldness helping bring more blood to the surface of the skin, resulting in a brighter complexion and a more lifted look. Plus, it feels nice! If your teen doesn’t already have one, trust us, they want one. 

Then we have the holy grail of travel-size calming products. The sensitive skin rescue kit by Dermalogica is an absolute skin saver for your student who travels back and forth. It’s ideal for irritated skin (essential when traveling) and has the perfect calming lavender scent. 

Get the BAIMEI Cryotherapy Ice Roller:

Dermalogica Sensitive Skin Rescue Kit: 

10. Cutest Stress Reliever: Squishmallow 

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Squishmallows are a hit with Gen Zers and Millennials alike. No teen is too cool for one of these soothing and adorable plush stress relievers. These collectible stuffed animals come in all sizes, but we chose the 14-inch one because it feels like a pillow. With seemingly endless options for Squishmallows, we like Selassi the Green Platypus because she’s affordable, adorable, and a beautiful deep teal color. But you can find other creatures that best suit your stressed-out teen. 

11. For the Aspiring Home Chef: William-Sonoma College Kitchen Starter Bundle

Credit: Williams Sonoma

College students can cook too! There’s no reason a small living space should compromise your student’s culinary aspirations. Cooking can be a fun stress-relieving activity that can bring a sense of calm and ritual to jam-packed class schedules. 

If you are looking to splurge on your home chef, we found the ideal 8-piece cooking starter on Williams-Sonoma. With maximum heat efficiency and nonstick capability, this is a high-quality and compact set your student is sure to enjoy. The set has a saucepan, fry pan, sheet pan, ceramic knives, and flex mats — essentially everything they need!

12. For the Tea Lover: Cosori Electric Kettle

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There are few things as relaxing as a hot cup of tea. If the student in your life is a tea drinker, this electric kettle from Amazon is a must-have. At under $30, it’s affordable, durable, and dorm room friendly. It’s designed to keep your water clean and safe for drinking, and it shuts off automatically 30 seconds after heating. They can even use it to make instant oatmeal or ramen in their dorm room if needed.

13. For the Candle Collector: Luzdiosa Candle Warmer Lamp

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We all have that teen or friend who can never have enough candles. However, the issue with college dorms is that candles are often a fire hazard and not allowed. Using a 50-watt halogen bulb, this candle warmer combo is the perfect reading lamp while simultaneously heating the candle wax — no flame required. It also releases the scent much more slowly, helping the candle last longer. That way they can relax with their favorite scents without getting written up by their RA.

14. For a Stocking Stuffer: thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 

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One of the more fun parts of Christmas shopping for your kids and teens has to be finding the goodies to fill up their stockings with. The hard part comes with finding things your student will use and enjoy. Enter this stress-relieving pillow spray designed to encourage deep and restful sleep. Have your student spray onto their pillows and linens each night, and a blend of lavender, chamomile, and vetivert will help soothe them to sleep.

15. Best for the Teen that’s Always Cold: Threshold Flannel Sheet Set

Credit: Target

Speaking of linens, flannel sheets are the ultimate way to stay cozy after a long day in class or the library, especially during the winter months, and are a great upgrade to their current Twin XL sheets. This tried and true affordable set from Threshold comes in several neutral and patterned options and ranges from Twin to King. We know they will make the ultimate stress relief gift to your teen who could always use a few extra layers. 

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