How This Mother’s Day Is Different From All Other Mother’s Days

Let’s face it, it’s not business as usual these days. Our religious holidays were different and our secular holidays will be as well. 

Some of us are Mother’s Day fans and others, not so much. Some love it, some hate it and some just don’t really care, but this year we are all on the same page. 

We want to see our mother on Mother’s Day (@ForReal via Twenty20)

We have simple wants this year

Our wishes this year are simpler than ever. 

We want to see our adult children, and spend time with them but most of all we want to wrap our arms around them, long and hard, for as long as they will tolerate it.

We want to see our own mothers and not be afraid to sit across the table from them, and take their hands in ours.  

We want to go somewhere together, a beach, a park, a mall, anywhere. 

We want to grocery shop for our families, and not have it be a fraught, nerve-wracking experience.

We want the people who we love to simply acknowledge everything we’ve been doing to keep ourselves and them together.

Although many of us love cooking for our families, this Mother’s Day we want to go out. We want to go to a restaurant and sit among other people and order our food and be served and have someone else clear the dishes and do them. 

We’d like to have the day off from the laundry, the dishes, the cleaning and the meal-planning.

Those of us with family members who are frontline workers want nothing more than to be with them. 

But, most of all we want to relax free from the fear that hovers over us like a dark cloud keeping us awake at night, and threatening to suffocate us by day. 

We want our kids to return to the lives they should be living and we want to return to our lives as well.  

Maybe our wishes are more basic this year because we have finally learned a hard lesson about what’s really important. This period has sharpened our focus on the big stuff, the stuff that’s truly matters; each other.

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