Practical Gifts for Teens and College Students for Holiday 2021

There’s something deeply satisfying when we see that our kids really love and use the presents we pick out for them. These gifts for college students are the things they will use, and thank you for, all year long.

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Practical Christmas gifts for teens and young adults

Apple MacBook Air
College students need laptops with updated technology and functionality.  We cannot believe that this 13″ Apple laptop is discounted by $300. Lightweight and powerful (1.8 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 Processor) take a look at this model if your teen needs a new computer.

Apple laptop

Keurig Coffee Maker
Coffee is an expensive luxury for students when it means a daily brew from Starbucks. With a Keurig mini, they can have a cup at the touch of a button in their dorm room at a fraction of the cost.  NOW – save $20!

Keurig mini

Goodr Sunglasses
For teens who run for exercise, these trendy and affordable sunglasses don’t slip or bounce. They protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays and are available in lots of different color combinations of frames and lenses. Don’t wait to buy…they are flying off the shelf!


Polaroid Instant Camera
This instant camera comes with a built-in printer so photos can be printed, instantly, to save and share with new college friends. It has loads of editing functions and operates as a video camera, too.

Polaroid camera

Did you know that the Grown and Flown book has EVERYTHING you need to parent your teen or college kid? Great holiday gift for parents.

Grown and Flown book

Multi-port Car Charger 
Keeping a phone fully charged while on the go all day (and night) can be a challenge. We love this car charger that has room to plug in five devices so your teen and their friends can get the batteries on their phones charged up, super fast, all at the same time. Now – save $7!

Gifts college students will use every day

Harry’s Shave Kit
One unexpected expense for guys is buying razor blades especially if you have been keeping their shaving supplies fully stocked. Harry’s solves the problem by sending them a razor, shave gel and replacement blades at a frequency that matches how often your son shaves. Harry’s now has face wash, body wash, lotion and some cute accessories.

Holiday gifts for college students

Shaving for women has also caught up with Billie, an award-winning razor delivery service for women that will match your daughter’s shaving habits.  She can pick the color of her handle and add lotion, shaving cream and more to customize her shopping cart.

Christmas gifts for college students

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones
I cannot tell you how much I love these headphones. They cancel out an incredible amount of noise but, unlike the bulky over the ear type, they are extremely portable. Your college kid will LOVE these, especially when they are trying to drown out noise from their roommates.

Holiday gifts for college students

Handheld Steamer
My son loves this steamer that he borrowed from a roommate for graduation and only wishes he had taken one to school with him as freshmen. Now – save $14!
Holiday gifts for college students

Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Water Bottles
There is a reason why our kids love this brand and it starts with the amazing insulation properties keeping water cold for 24 hours and hot liquids warm for six! With a powder-coated exterior, Hydro Flasks do not become slippery like other bottles when they become damp from condensation. They are available in many colors and multiple sizes.

Hydro Flask

Sonic Bomb Extra-Loud Dual Alarm Clock
Is your teen a heavy sleeper who snoozes through any conventional alarm clock?  Here’s one that will get them up and out the door so they never misses an early class, again.

Holiday gifts for college students

10 Ft Charging Cable
An extra long phone charging cable may be the single most useful gift you can give your college student.. They can have their phone plugged in and charging overnight yet still close enough to their dorm bed to use as an alarm.

holiday gifts for college students

We love these, our kids love these. We include them as holiday gifts for all family members. If there are little ones in your family, OMG Smallbirds!!


LL Bean Boots 
These boots are among the most durable and practical of all winter boots ever made. They are also among our favorite holiday gifts for college students, especially for those going to cold country for the first time.

holiday gifts for college students

Tile Mate – Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder
These ingenious little square tracking devices will help a distracted college kid keep up with phones, keys, and other easy-to-misplace valuables.


Herschel Supply Co. Backpack
Why not give your college kid one of these spacious and trendy backpacks to use both every day as well as for an overnight bag?

holiday gifts for college students

Microwave Pasta Cooker
Genius for kids in dorms or for those who have little time to cook pasta.

holiday gifts for college students

More Great Holiday Gifts for College Students

Will your teen be a freshman in college in the fall? Here are more gifts that all college students need:

IKEA Frakta Bag 

IKEa bag

Twin XL Sheets- top rated and NOW save $20 on select colors 


Towels- save 20% and consider adding a name or monogram

monogrammed towels

Pillow – top rated and NOW save $41

bed pillow

Lamp – top rated brand, Tao Tronics 

Tao Tronics desk lamp

Power Strip Surge Protector  – Now save $6

It's always a good thing when you have a gift idea and then find out your college kid loves what you gave them and uses it every day. This list of must have items for college students will be a hit when you're giving gifts to your adult children. #giftideas #giftguide #college #giftsforcollegekids #collegelife

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