Grown and Flown Wins Iris Award for Best Group Blog

We won!!!

Grown and Flown won the 2018 Iris Award for Best Group Blog on Friday night, May 4, in Pasadena, California. This is the culminating event of the annual Mom 2.0 Summit and is a recognition of writers and sites, all in the digital parenting space, in fifteen categories.

To say that we are thrilled is a huge understatement. We are so excited that this award recognizes ALL of the hundreds of writers on Grown and Flown, many of whom are also members of our amazing Grown and Flown Parents FB Group. 

It was quite a moment, one that we will NEVER forget.

Best Group Blog Award 2018 Iris Awards

Mary Dell sat at a table with the TODAY Parenting Team, a sponsor of the Mom 2.0 Summit, who was kind enough to invite her to join their other writers and friends. Here’s what happened next:

As I watched the group blog nominees’ logos projected onto two huge screens, I felt increasingly nervous as the time for the envelope to be opened approached.

When the past recipients announced “The winner is Grown and Flown,” I was so surprised that I thought I might faint, especially when I began the (inevitable) long walk from the table to the stage to accept our award.

THANK YOU to everyone who is part of Grown and Flown – all of you who write for us, who read us and who share our content. We are deeply grateful.

Mary Dell and Lisa

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