Viral Solution to Teen’s Messy Room Is Proven Success, Rhymes With Mice

Of course we love our teens but let’s face it, they are slobs. And, I’m not talking an ordinary mess, slovenliness is their superpower; clothes, food, empty dishes and utensils all over the house. We ask, we cajole we threaten or we throw in the towel and just shut their bedroom door.

Sadly the behavior doesn’t change and the colossal mess remains. Until one mom had a truly revolutionary and genius idea. Now the internet is going crazy.

First there was this post from Black N Boujee

So, I have a teenage son. I’m always arguing with him about not eating in his room, returning dirty dishes to the…

Posted by Black N Boujee on Sunday, April 11, 2021

Then one of the moms in our Grown and Flown Parents Group decided that she had had quite enough and she was ready to put this brilliant idea into action.

So she told the group:

I just want to thank whoever posted the mouse and black rice. I owe you big time. I’m having my house painted this week and I was sick of being mortified of my 18 yo sons room! I am Awful but I texted him and told him the painter just swore he saw a mouse and there are droppings. He comes home and he was so upset and grossed out that he cleaned his room for four hours. Leaves and texts me he is so sorry he will be mopping the floor in there and he will find it. If I wasn’t so happy and just got all my cups and spoons back I might feel a little guilty. Oh and his sister is still cleaning her room because she doesn’t want it to come in her room next

Here’s a pic of my work- left it by the sand from his work boots and in the corner of the room and his closet. I know I’m going to hell.

Keri Maddalone
Brown rice or mouse droppings????

The response from readers has been incredible from the hundreds of thousands of shares and reactions to the comments from parents wishing they had had this “genius” idea when their kids were younger or living at home. Many moms with a shrug and a sigh said a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do.

Keri tells us that shockingly her son’s room is still clean. And the saga continues as another mom in the group tried the trick as well and says,

“You guys, it’s working. Today my son cleaned his whole room, cleared all of the trash, brought down all of the dishes, and put his laundry in the bin. He says he’ll be doing all his laundry tomorrow. BUT….I THINK HE’S PLAYING ME I was out of my home office for a bit midday, and when I returned…there was a piece of “mouse poop” on my desk!

Well played, son. Well played. We will leave this whole thing unspoken between us.”

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