Coronaspeak, A Guide to the Language We Are All Using These Days

Coronaspeak is the new language we are all using these days and some new words and phrases have crept into our former vocabulary.

Let us help you figure out what people are talking about.

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How quickly these words have become part of our everyday lives. (FGC/ Shutterstock)

14 words that have entered our everyday conversations

  • Coronacation (noun)-What you may be doing right now-staying home because Coronavirus cancelled everything forcing you to stay right where you are.

Honestly, I always love a good staycation but I’ll pass on this coronacation.

  • Cornacancelled-(transitive verb) meaning shut down, cancelled, rendered non-existent. In plain English-NOT GOING TO HAPPEN

That 30th anniversary trip to Tuscany that we’ve been planning and looking forward to for years has sadly been coronacancelled

  • Covid-10 (noun) the 10 pounds you’ve gained sitting at home eating bon bons.

My son rescheduled his wedding for 2022. It’s going to be a struggle to lose this Covid-10, so I can fit into the dress I bought.

  • Covidiot (noun)-person who despite all evidence to the contrary continues to behave as if there is no pandemic. Alternative: Moronavirus or simply Morona 

I really thought Lisa was a smart cookie, but she’s been going to large gatherings without any protective gear-what a covidiot!!!

  • Coronababy- (noun)-a baby conceived during quarantine.

Honestly, I adore my coronababy, but maybe we should have kept social distancing rules more effectively.  

  • Doom scrolling (verb)-We always been hooked on our phones but now we just can’t look away as we refresh our feeds to read the news about the pandemic.

I tried to put my phone away, but the inability to doom scroll makes me very anxious.

  • Quaranteam-(verb) A group of friends with whom you chose to social distance.

Mom, I love you but I’m staying at school to quaranteam with my buddies Joe, Scott and Tim. 

  • Quaranteen(noun)-yet to be conceived children who will be 18 in 18 years. Quaranteen(noun)-alternate definition-an angry teenager who is stuck at home with his siblings and parents. 

Have you met our Quaranteen, Corona, she were conceived during the great pandemic of 2020. 

You should approach a Quaranteen with the utmost caution because they are unhappy and often dangerous. 

  • Quarantini (noun) a martini-like cocktail that is consumed in quarantine. 

Hon-it’s five-o’clock somewhere-time for my quarantini and make it a strong one, please.

  • Quarantine and chill (verb)

This is what everyone is doing these days; people are at home, especially with a romantic partner marathoning streaming services.

Anyone have a lead on a good movie that the girlfriend and I can quarantine and chill with?

  • Toilet paper panic-(noun)-the foreboding sense that you just don’t know where your next roll of toilet paper is coming from.

I have 100 rolls of 3 ply toilet paper, but I was up in the middle of the night in a full toilet paper panic.

  • Virtual happy hour(noun)-an awkward and difficult to navigate opportunity to socialize with people while sitting on your couch.

I have my virtual happy hour at 6, I really hope people have figured out how to get in and out of the Zoom.

  • Zoom-bombed-(verb) visiting your kid while they are Zooming a class and forgetting that you aren’t wearing pants.

OMG my mom just Zoom-bombed my English Lit class. I will never live this down.

  • Zump-(verb) being dumped via Zoom.

My  boyfriend is such a jerk, it’s bad enough that we are through but he just zumped me. 

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