Social Distancing? I’m So Thankful I Have My Home Where I’m Safe

Spring break 2020 has got to be one of the most memorable spring breaks of my life. No, I did not go to any parties or clubs. No, I did not go to the beach or hang out with friends. I stayed home, played video games, worked on writing some stories, and binged The Proud Family on Disney Plus. But this is similar to how I’ve spent every other spring break of my life (just replace “Disney Plus” with Netflix, YouTube, or another streaming service), so how is 2020 one of the most memorable?

I’m grateful I have a safe place to shelter in place. (Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

Spring break 2020 was memorable

There are a few reasons—both good and bad.

The good news is, I had a whole extra week off from college, which means I had more free time to do what I wanted and binged more than one series. It also means I did not have to worry my social anxiety-driven self over upcoming projects that were to be presented after spring break. Phew!

The bad news? Well, the global pandemic.

At first, I was not worried about the virus at all, really. I had a few concerns, such as how the online class transition would work, and I was a little perplexed about the people I saw at the stores piling up on toilet paper (save some for me!).

The extra week of break went by quite quickly, and my questions about how my courses would continue were answered. Most of my teachers created online content and are not requiring us to meet virtually.

I’m happy to be released from doing class presentations; now, I can replace my social anxiety with general anxiety. I wish all of my classes were consistent, but, of course, there’s the one class that insists on virtual discussions, so instead of staying in my jammies and messy hair all day, every day, alas, I have to make sure I’m presentable for this one class, at least from the waist up.

Because of the virus, everyone is staying home and figuring out this thing called “social distancing.” It’s funny, because that was already my lifestyle before the pandemic happened. I mean, I went to malls sometimes with my friends or boyfriend, but I have always preferred staying home. In the past I left my house only to go to college, buy groceries, or work (when I had a job), so not much has changed for me.

But, I feel horrible for the many people who have been negatively affected, especially those who have lost their jobs or loved ones. I don’t understand why so many people are breaking the rules, and are still meeting up in large groups. And even folks who are purportedly practicing social distancing and going out for food when and where permitted, there are still people in line who don’t stand six feet apart.

I’m thankful that I have a comfortable place to shelter. But if I lose the Internet, I’m in trouble. I need the Internet for everything—classes, contact, and entertainment. Talk about an essential business!

Mariah Colón is a college junior in Florida majoring in professional writing. Mariah also enjoys creative writing, and her poem titled “where’s florida?” is forthcoming from Sandhill Review.

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