This Guy Has Moms Figured Out and We Can’t Stop Laughing

Some of our kids do a great job of reducing us to cultural stereotypes. In fact, they are so spot on with their mockery, we can do nothing but see our behavior reflected back at us, and laugh heartily.

On his Instagram account, Tyler Jarry of Front Porch Dad, calls what he does “comedy portraying parents.” And, the one about a kid calling home to say they are coming home for the weekend speaks directly to us, moms of college kids. It’s hilariously spot-on.

Tyler Jarry has moms figured out

When the kid announces that they’re coming home, what does mom do first? Obviously, yell to dad to let him know. Then she reminds her child that they should bring home their laundry and more importantly bring home the Tupperware they took from home. And what do we moms think the odds are that the kid will remember these things (the laundry 100%, the Tupperware slim to none)?

Mom lets her returning kid know that she has changed their sheets and that she cleaning their “disgusting” bathroom. And that she’s going to make what is apparently mom’s signature dish, chicken pot pie. Yum. Then we see mom calling her child from the supermarket to see what she needs, Gatorade, perhaps?

Finally, we see mom looking into the kids closet saying we need to go through this stuff THIS WEEKEND, “but I’ll wait for you.” Mom tells her kid that she has picked up some Alfredo for her, that they have a fiftieth birthday party this weekend, and the child is welcome to go with.

Thanks mom, because that is EXACTLY what your kid wants to do over the weekend, go through their closet and accompany their parents to a fiftieth birthday party.

But, we moms can keeping trying, can’t we?

Finally mom signs off with, “The dogs are going to be so excited” which we all know is code for, “I’m out-of-my-mind excited to see you, kid.”

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