Suzanne Skrabak

Suzanne Skrabak has swum in the Amazon, stood on both sides of the Berlin Wall, and sun bathed on the beach with Blue-Footed Boobies. She is a native Californian, born in Hollywood to a Colombian immigrant and a Windy-City mother, but she’d like to think of herself as 100% Gypsy. She survived a broken neck that left her paralyzed for 3 months, 2 years in the Peace Corps, and is working on her 17th year of motherhood which is by far her favorite adventure. When she is not being serenaded by her guitar wielding husband or telling stories to her two amazing teens, she writes and occasionally takes the stage. She has told stories at The Story Salon, Story Time and Listen to Your Mother in Burbank, CA. This November she will be sharing a story for a new show called Diversity at the Colony Theatre.

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