KC Thompson

KC Thompson received her MAT as a high school Social Studies teacher in 1999. She was a collegeboard consultant and helped to train teachers to teach the AP Human Geography course. She went on to receive her Ph.D. in Cognitive Studies in Education from the University of Pittsburgh in 2003 and won the AERA/Spencer pre-dissertation research fellowship and the Dissertation of the Year award from the National Council for Geographic Education.

In March, 2004 she found out she had a Craniopharyngioma brain tumor. Over the next two years she temporarily lost her ability to form new long term memories and had three brain surgeries.

When her daughter was a junior in high school, she joined the Grown & Flown College Admissions membership and received an amazing amount of helpful information and support. Once her daughter graduated in 2020, she went on to get her certificate in College Counseling from UCLA and is now a full time independent college counselor in the Seattle area helping students and their families make the transition from high school to college. She’s a member of IECA, PNACAC & SACCFind her on her facebook page for her company, LinkedIn, website.

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