Carol Landau

Carol Landau, Ph.D, is the author of Mood Prep 101: A Parent’s Guide to Preventing Depression and Anxiety in College Bound Teens (Oxford, 2020). She is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior and Medicine at the Alpert Medical School, Brown University, and a consulting clinical psychologist, author and lecturer. Dr. Landau is senior author of three previous books and was an editor and contributor to the Brown University Child and Adolescent and Behavior Letter.

She is a member of the Senior Advisory Council for the Office of Women in Medicine and Science at Brown, the past Co- Director of Psychology and Psychiatry in Primary Care in the Brown Department of Medicine and is a past president of the Rhode Island Psychological Association. She has received numerous awards for her writing and teaching.

Find her at Carol Landau Author, on LinkedIn and her Blog: “Mood Prep 101, Preventing depression and anxiety in young people” (Psychology Today)

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