The Best 2021 Graduation Gifts For Your Teen’s Friends

Graduation gifts are some of the toughest gifts to pick out, especially when you’re buying for your teen’s friends who have become almost as dear to us as our own kids.

Your teen and their friends will always remember a special bracelet from LOKAI, especially if the beads are personalized with the colors of the college each student is attending. Many colleges are available! 

Ikea Frakta bags

College-bound grads will have loads of stuff to take to school and giving them one of these lightweight and durable bags will be a huge help. 

Teens are expected to leave home with a foundation in financial literacy but few of them already have answers to the all the money questions they will face once they are living on their own.

My son loves his Handheld Clothes Steamer that he borrowed from a roommate for graduation; now he wishes he had taken one to school with him as freshmen.