Why Watching Moms with Their Teens Breaks My Heart

This time of year, I run into them often and every time I do, my heart drops.

Today, I watched the two of them smiling and laughing together as they walked through the shopping center parking lot.

After they put their purchases in her trunk, she gave him a hug goodbye since they had arrived in separate cars.

The hug was something I hadn’t seen before.

As I passed them, I couldn’t resist letting them know how I felt.

I rolled down my window and said, “You two have to stop breaking my heart.”

“I’m sneaking in hugs while I can,” she said.

I certainly understood that.

Although I didn’t actually know them, I knew exactly who they were.

A mother and her son preparing for him to leave for college.

Their purchases gave them away, a collegiate comforter, a bed topper and a trash can shaped like a basketball hoop.

My son and I had bought similar things when we were doing the same thing.

As I drove away, I felt a lump in my throat. I wonder when the sight of a mom and son dorm shopping won’t make me sad.

Six years after college shopping with my son, I’m crying at the stoplight.

[More on the 50 questions to ask before dorm shopping here.]

When he graduated two years ago, he moved to New York City.

After 23 years, our house was permanently child free.

Even though I’ve adjusted to the so-called “empty nest” and love my life with my husband, I still miss my children.

Etch-a-Sketch edit

Of course, they come home to visit for long weekends and holidays.

But that’s just it.

It’s a visit.

When they’re home, life as we knew it returns.

Coffee on the back porch, dinner around the kitchen table, chocolate chip cookies made from a refrigerated roll, lounging around the family room.

Just “breathing each other’s oxygen,” I like to joke.

For a few days, I get my old job back. I am a mom taking care of my children.

I sleep soundly through the night knowing my family is under one roof.

It never lasts long enough.

Maybe one day I will look at a mother and son shopping for college and think, I’m glad that’s not me.

But not yet.

Maybe not ever.

Quite honestly, I love the memory despite the tears.

I love all of the memories.

To my children I say, thank you for coming home when you can and for warmly welcoming us when we visit.

To my husband I say, isn’t it great we have the dog!


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