Move in Moms: We Watched This Video and Couldn’t Help But Get Involved

It is painfully stating the obvious to say that college is expensive and for many families, prohibitively so. Adding to the expense of tuition, room and board are costly textbooks and dorm supplies for life on campus.

So what can parents, do to help? Watch this video and tell us if you’re motivated to do more:

When we saw what Kleenex did for these kids leaving the foster care system, we wanted to help. Thus, the Grown and Flown Move in Moms project was born.

Want to help?

A bundle of dorm supplies costs $200 and anyone wishing to underwrite a bundle will be recognized as a G&F Move in Mom Angel. There is no amount too small, however, and any size donation is welcome. Thank you to all who have already contributed. Donations can be made online via PayPal to  or by check to Grown and Flown, PO Box 810, Katonah, NY 10536.

G&F Move in Moms Project

Move in Moms

Last spring was year one of the Move in Moms project and it was a huge success.  Read about it here. 

This spring, we are, again, working with 74,000 parents in the Grown and Flown Parents Facebook Group (join us!)  to help 250 smart, motivated and largely first-generation students in the University of Texas College of Liberal Arts Foundation Scholars Program  get ready for college by providing them with the items they need to settle into dorm life.

The Foundation Scholars Program offers kids academic support and mentorships to help these students acclimate to the demands of college life. We want to further help them by providing new bedding and laundry supplies on move in day. By defraying students move in costs, we hope to take some of the financial burden off of their families.

Our plan to to raise money to supply this group of deserving students at UT Austin with dorm supplies and, if we raise enough money to expand the list of schools and kids to help, we will do so.

What can YOU do?

Project Repat is a company that makes quilts out of t-shirts, an amazing off-to-college gift.  Grown and Flown is donating all of commissions (though 9/1) to the Move in Moms project. To place an order, and contribute at the same time,use this link to sign up on their site,  enter grownandflown as a code and you will receive 35% off the purchase price and we will receive support for Move in Moms.

How else to help:

These are the very best socks on the planet and we adore drinking coffee from this mug.  We are donating all profits from Grown and Flown socks, mugs and other branded merchandise (through 9/1) so treat yourself to a little G&F swag and contribute to Move in Moms at the same time.

Move in Moms

About Grown and Flown

Six years ago, Lisa Heffernan (New York Times bestselling author) and Mary Dell Harrington (formerly with NBC and Lifetime TV) started Grown and Flown, a place to write about parenting kids 15-25. It has become a digital destination for parents of high school and college children, especially during the off-to-college years when parents prepare their teens, and themselves, for the profound changes in family life when kids leave home.

May Dell and Lisa were named 2 of People Magazine’s 2017 25 Women Changing the World.

Grown and Flown is the winner of the 2018 Iris Award for Best Group Blog. 

Helene Wingens, Contributing Editor, and Christine Burke, Assistant Editor, have leadership roles in Move in Moms.  We are also grateful to Dean Randy Diehl, Dean of the UT College of Liberal Arts (shown below) and the UT office of Student Success for their enormous work in helping with this project.

Move in Moms

Grown and Flown Move in Moms Donors 2017

Move in Moms Angels

Dean Randy Diehl and Mary Diehl

Dr. Kathleen Aronson and Timothy Aronson

Stuart W Stedman

Mary Lou Harrington

Carrie Harrington

Barbara and Michael Jiongo

Susan Smith Ellis

Sam and Cindy Moser

Wendy Koch

Wilson Neely

Gordon and Louise Appleman

Mary Jane Edwards

David and Sylvia Jabour

Coby Chase

Patrick and Karen Walker

Marilyn White

Bonnie Klein

Liora Yalof

Becky Blades

Heather Cabot and Neeraj Khemlani

Susan and John Palumbo

Sharon Greenthal

Lisa Lichtenberg

Ruth Suzman

Melissa Schoen

Jane de Beneducci

Cathy Heck

Lisa Bolton Singelyn

Marlene Paltrow

Elle Rubach

Joan Mollerus

Sharon Feldstein

Mary Fusillo

Joy Smith

Jennifer Herzer

Ann Hoeppner

Paula Millard

Peter and Rosnne Aresty

Leslie Purcel

Kate Niehaus

Amanda Beck

Sokol Family Foundation

Helene Wingens

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Whitney Long

Nancy Witt

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Irma Mattner

Shannon Butler

David Bruning

Ronda Roberts

Connie Ostwald

Jennifer Scalora

Susan Levin

Tim Bock

Karen Gard

Rebecca Labowitz

Danielle Clancy

Felicia Kahn-Grant

Anneliese Crawford

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Ann Norman

Lisa Hall

Danielle Clancy

Mary Lee Cruz

Margaret Bower

Ann Cone

Renee Barasch

Andrea Raisfeld

Eve Hall

Robyn Schmidt

Suzanne Sonnier

Karen Clements

Linda Eisen

Lori Herbsman

Mary Dell Harrington

Rachel Smith

Kimberly Upton

Lindsay Miller

Cathleen Church-Balin

John Mullins

Patricia Difilippo

Janis Sterling

Allison Kramer

Carter Lee

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Rochelle Weinstein

Beth Mund

Nerys Copelvitz

Peggy Montella

Jill Sorban

Caryn Bernardi

Julie Severson

Julie Wiesen

Amy Gesenhues

Linda Wolff

Maureen Stiles

Julie Gardner

Rachel Scherl

Roger Martin

Ariele Taylor

Kelly Radi

Maureen Paschal

Randi Mazzella

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