Sleeping Beauties

A Grown and Flown friend writes: My eighteen-year-old son thought it was strange when I told him that I had taken a picture of him and his three siblings while they were blissfully sleeping on two cots and in two twin beds while sharing a kids’ room during a weekend escape to the Poconos.  I got a bit choked up trying to explain to him that seeing all of my children gathered in one room is something that I treasure. They are my sleeping beauties.

With my oldest gainfully employed and living in her own apartment, my middle two kids absorbed in college, and my “baby” finishing his senior year in high school, there aren’t that many times these days that our family can juggle the conflicting work and school schedules to all be together.  When we do manage to coordinate our schedules for uninterrupted family time, we have so much fun eating together, debating politics, taking hikes, being outdoors, playing ping pong, and enjoying board games.
I love listening to the banter between the kids, knowing that they really enjoy each other’s company. And, I love noticing how different – yet how alike – they’ve grown up to be.

So maybe my son is right and I am a bit funny to be taking a picture of my sleeping kids.  But when the house is too quiet and I’m missing them as they go about their business of becoming adults, I’ll have memories of a great family weekend and a photo of their angelic, sleeping faces to bring a smile to my face and to warm my heart.

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