Pottery Barn Friends Collection Celebrates the Show’s 25th Anniversary and it’s a Big Deal

Listen up Friends fans, we are no longer on a break! By that I mean you can channel your inner Joey, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, or Chandler by purchasing something special for your home that will take you back to Thursday nights watching the show with your besties, and freaking the hell out about it.

This isn’t very common, it doesn’t happen every day, and it is a big deal! Especially those of us who walked our fannies straight to the salon to get the epic Rachel haircut.

Pottery Barn is kicking off the Friends 25th anniversary celebration with a line of home goods inspired by the show and yes–there is an apothecary table from the days of yesteryear available.

apothecary coffee table

I’m sold already– look at all those compartments to store your wares. It will be totally worth getting it into your humble abode no matter how many times you need to pivot.

What better way to honor the show than to join in the nostalgia and pretend you are sitting on that delicious sofa in Central Perk as you clutch one of your new coffee mugs with some of the most famous Friends sayings ever. Maybe your partner or one of your children will pose as Gunther for you to make the experience all the more authentic.

friends coffee mugs

I don’t know about you, but this doormat is a must-have. Simply seeing the logo brings me so much joy and I have to say, my teens are all-in too. They’ve seen every episode a few times over and so have their friends. So really, we need to buy a piece (or three) for our children.


And the “Joey doesn’t share food” tea towels are mine. I figure I owe him credit since I’ve used his line over and over since having kids and realizing when I sit down to a plate of fries they really aren’t mine– sixteen years of this parenting gig and it still physically hurts me when my kids take food off my plate.


And if that isn’t enough excitement for you, Warner Brothers and Superfly will set the Friends scene with enough props to make you feel like you are sitting on the Friends set many of us fell in love with during the ten seasons the show ran. It will be open to the public from September 8th to October 9th. For a mere $29.50, you can go New York’s SoHo neighborhood (where Friends was set), and have yourself a tour. So, grab your girlfriends and make a weekend getaway plan this very minute.

In the meantime, invite all your Friends over, wear your wedding dresses, pop some popcorn and prop your feet up on your new apothecary table while chowing down on popcorn and drinking wine from your “You’re My Lobster” mug. Then throw in your favorite season and relive the good old days.

Oh, and don’t forget this “I’ll be there for you” canvas art print to give to all your besties for their birthday or Christmas.

It was one of the best television shows of our time, period. And if you ask me, there’s no better way to honor it.

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