My (Imaginary) Perfect Day as a Mom of Teens

I absolutely love being a mom. I have two teenage daughters and an 8-year-old son, and they have definitely kept it interesting.  I recently slipped into a crazy daydream about what it would be like to have the perfect day as a mom. It was my high school senior (Lia) and college sophomore (Gabby) that so beautifully volunteered to star in my daydream. So I decided to write it down and here it is – via text message.

My perfect day as a mom of teens

Mom of Teen’s Perfect Day

Gabby:  Good morning, mom. I made you coffee just the way you like it. It is waiting for you in the pot. And don’t worry about the dog, I already fed her and let her out. Would you like a freshly baked scone with your coffee?

Gabby:  Great. Let me heat it for you.

Lia:  Mom, hey, how was your coffee? Would you like me to clean my room before I leave for school? Oh, and I already made my lunch, so I won’t be texting you to drop it off today.

Gabby:  I am going to the gym in a little bit? Would you mind if I borrowed your car?

Gabby:  I was also planning on bringing it to get a car wash inside and out – with my money of course. Lia and I cleaned all the empty water bottles and trash out of it last night because we know daddy works hard to pay for this third car and it is a privilege to be able to just have it.

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Lia: Mom, I just found out I have two tests tomorrow, so I won’t be going to the basketball game after all. We both know my schoolwork comes first.

Lia:  Do you need anything I can pick up for dinner on my way home from school later? I always loved your home cooked meals. So much better than Qdoba.

Gabby:  Did you make an appointment for a pedicure? If not, you totally should. You deserve to be pampered! I mean I know how hard you have worked raising us kids. I know it looks like you do nothing all day, but you just make it look easy.

Lia:  I think I can borrow my friends Prom dress from last year. It’s ok. Nobody will remember it, and why spent $300 on something I will just wear once, right?

Lia:  Please leave the dishes for me. I will do them when I get home. I mean, after all, you pay for my food, home, clothes, etc.! I am so grateful.

Gabby: I told Lia I loved her today. I am so lucky to have a sister I can share clothes and secretes with. I know there is enough of your love to go around for the both of us.

Lia:  Awww, Gabby, I love you, too. Life is good and sharing is caring.

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Lia:  Mom, you should go watch a show on Netflix. I mean, haven’t you done enough raising us girls? Do you want me to find a show that you would like?

Gabby:  I called dad, and he is bringing you home flowers. We both agreed. You do not need a special occasion for flowers!

Lia:  Mom, can I borrow those shoes you have to wear to the prom? I know they aren’t the newest fashion, but I am sure they will be good enough!

Gabby:  Mom, can we sit down later and talk? I mean, really talk? About our feelings? And I would like to leave my phone off when we chat because I would not want us to be interrupted.

Gabby:  Mom, I made Dean’s List at college (ok, this one is true). All that studying and hard work in high school has really paid off. So glad that I put in the time to learn all that stuff about history, math and science. (Not true).

Lia:  Mom, I think I am going to add more fruits and vegetables to my diet, especially broccoli. I mean, it just doesn’t feel right eating all this pizza and French fries. After all, our bodies are our temples!

Gabby:  Did you get a chance to take a bath today? I mean what says “I deserve to relax” like a good hot bath. I will pick you up some oil infused soaking salts, too.

Lia:  Mom, are you happy? I mean like really happy and fulfilled in your life? Because you are enough just the way you are! Don’t ever forget that.

Gabby:  Ok, I got the car washed. Also, I filled the car with gas, too! My treat.

Lia:  Mom, this kid is having a party tonight. I was going to go but then I found out that the parents were not going to be home, and I thought, no way! Even though I am seventeen, going to a party when your parents are not home is just not right! Want to play monopoly or something instead?

Gabby:  Dad, said don’t make dinner! He is taking us all out to your favorite restaurant! I know I don’t love it, but I am sure I will find something there to eat! No worries.

Lia:  I finished all my prep work that was due for college recommendations. It is not your job to keep reminding me! LOL. I am perfectly capable of getting this done on my own. After all, I am seventeen. Seventeen year olds used to have to work in the fields!!! Oh, do you want me to do that? Like is there any weeding you need or something?

What happened when I came to?

Gabby:  Mom! Mom! Mom! Wake up! Why are you sleeping at 11 am??? I need you. Can you pick up my contacts? What’s for dinner? Hopefully not chicken – I don’t want chicken again! MOM! Why are you not answering??

Lia:  MOM, I am starving. I forgot my lunch. Please drop it off!

And then I realized that I do not need a perfect day, in fact, it would be downright weird and boring.  Life is good, and all teenagers are doing the best they can, and my kids are amazing, and I would not have it any other way. Ok, maybe, I would take a few of those imaginary texts. Wouldn’t you?


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