“Dear Mom,” From Your Off to College Daughter

In examining the off to college process we have heard from the parents. We have looked at dorm shopping, adjusting to life without our kids and the silver lining that just might exist in the empty nest. But up until now we have not heard from the kids. How does it feel to be 18 years old and leaving home? What will they miss? Looking back at their childhood, what memories loom large?

We asked actress and recent Harvard Ivy Orator for the class of 2015, Taylor Kay Phillips, to give us a taste of what it felt like four years ago when she left home. We asked her to be the every-student and give parents a view of college departure, from the other side.

Taylor Kay is a gifted student, daughter, sister and…comedienne. And honestly, a bit of humor might be just what is needed in this emotionally charged moment.  Enjoy!


Taylor Kay PhillipsTaylor Kay Phillips is a writer, actress, and comedian from Kansas City, Missouri. She is getting ready to move to New York to pursue her lifelong dream of learning how to read a subway map. She loves her mom a lot.

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