Now I am Hearing Voices

Lisa writes: Lisa writes: My kids shared a single bedroom.  It was a big bedroom and they are all boys, so for our family, it worked.  One of my greatest joys was listening to their chatter at night as they joked and laughed, ridiculed each other endlessly or, on a good day, helped each other with homework. Often there was the thudding sound of a ball banging against a hard surface and the inevitable crash of a desk lamp.

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When the older two left for college, those joyous sounds were silenced.  One teenage boy alone in a room, with an iPod and headphones can be very quiet….and then one day I heard it and for a moment it was all there again.  I heard my youngest son laughing and chatting with his eldest brother—who I knew to be in his dorm room at school.

For a moment I couldn’t understand what was happening, the teasing, the laughter even the name calling were all within earshot. Then I remembered the laptops, cameras and video chat. My oldest son was showing his younger brother around his room by moving the computer through his dorm, bathroom and common room.  He was introducing his high school  brother to each of his new roommates and showing him the view from his bedroom window.

When my older kids left I was so focused on how I would miss them that truly I failed to appreciate how this would affect the youngest left behind.  I knew my husband and my relationships with our sons would transition once they went to college but, not for one moment did I think of how technology would help the siblings to transition theirs.

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