Mr. Rogers’ Movie Trailer Had Us Shedding A Tear Waiting For Thanksgiving

My favorite moment of the video is on the subway. Mr. Rogers is quietly minding his own business as his fellow riders, recognizing the famous PBS TV children’s show host, burst into the famous neighborhood song.  Okay I might have cried a little, okay I did.

This new Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood movie is not simply the story of the show, which would have been enough. It is not just the story of how generations of kids absorbed the message of positivity, of helping your community or about listening to and learning about others. But it is the based on a long detailed profile from Esquire that is more than two decades old. In the story story of Mr. Rogers changes one journalists life, as he changed all of ours.

Tom Hanks IS Mr. Rogers in an acting job that seems almost too good to be true. We are going to have to wait until Thanksgiving to watch “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” but what better moment for family viewing and nostalgia for a man who taught all to see the good in everything.

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