Moms Helping Moms: Paying this Vintage Wedding Gift Forward

When we started Grown and Flown Parents we hoped the group would be the destination for a few hundred parents to discuss parenting teens and young adults. Now, with over 110,00 members, we’ve seen our fair share of heartwarming acts of kindness, large and small.

But last week, we saw a story that was so sweet and so uplifting, we just had to share.

Maureen, posted a question in the group asking if anyone could help locate a specific plate that her daughter wanted to use on her wedding day. Her newly engaged daughter was raised in Wisconsin  and had found a vintage plate that she wanted to use on her special day.

Wisconsin plate looking for a matched plate from Alabama.

Maureen said,

My daughter had her heart set on having the two dishes they (the bride and groom) eat off of at the head table be these state plates that represent where they were both born.

Since her fiance is from Alabama, she was looking for the matching vintage Alabama plate. After searching without success, Maureen turned to the Grown and Flown Parents group for help.

Her post garnered almost 200 comments, all of them thoughtful suggestions of places to look for the plate. Many suggested stores that they thought might carry the plate. Some even suggested the Alabama Visitors Center or museums in Alabama.

And then about halfway through the thread came a photo of the exact plate, with an accompanying comment from a woman named Michelle,

I found one in a vintage shop in Chattanooga, TN. Do you want me to pick it up for you?

This Wisconsin plate met its match – Alabama!

Maureen replied,

Yes please!! I hope I’m not too late!!

And so, the match was made.

Michelle bought the plate and sent it to Maureen and her daughter as wedding gift saying that Maureen should “pay it forward” when she got the chance. Maureen tells Grown and Flown that,

I tried to pay her (Michelle) multiple times but she won’t accept any money. So, I’ve bought coffee for the people behind me in line every day since that day, to be kind and to tell them to have a wonderful day. It makes people smile.

Maureen posted a thank you to the group,

I want to thank everyone who helped me last week with locating the Alabama state plate for my daughter who’s getting married next year. Michelle is my hero as she was able to find one and sent it to me with the sweetest letter! It’s absolutely perfect and Michelle is truly an angel!

We need more of this kind of unquestioning support and kindness. And we should all take a page from Maureen and Michelle and keep paying it forward.

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