5 Ways to Lower Your Teen’s Stress When Discussing College

Talking with your high school junior or senior about college can be frustrating. Parents probe, teens need privacy and aren’t really into discussing a highly stressful part of their lives.

5 tips to lower your teen's stress level when you talk about college.


“My sons would clam up or shut down the minute the topic of college applications was broached. The more questions I asked, the less they wanted to talk. They wanted to do this themselves,” recalls Hatsy Vallar, a mother from Bedford Corners, New York, who has two sons in college and one applying now.

For Vallar, the college visit became a catalyst for chat. “It helped open them up. I learned so much hearing from them what they liked or didn’t like and was able to establish a dialogue for the rest of the process.”

Still, there are topics that need discussing well before the college visits. How, then, to help teens deal with the barrage of pressure while still keeping the family dialogue open? Try these five tips.

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