Loungewear Style Around the House: How Not to Be Mrs. Robinson

This is a somewhat awkward subject that many of us have talked about – what to wear around the house around bedtime (nighttime or breakfast) when there are teenage boys (yours or your kid’s friends) around. I want to be comfortable and feel cute even when I’m just hanging out at home but in these situations – I definitely do not want to come across as a Mrs. Robinson…

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For me, this concern also came up when I shared a room with my son and teammates on a soccer tournament or on college tours. You need to feel like you can relax at the end of the day but at the same time, you need to cover up in an appropriate way. They’re not little kids anymore.

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We can always go the comfy sweats route – not the active wear fabrics that you wear outside or to work out, but soft fabrics that you can sleep and lounge in. Here are some appropriately named “lazy morning” lingerie pants on sale at Nordstroms. This pair of relaxed foldover pants would fit nicely with this soft v-neck.

There’s always great ideas at Lou & Grey – like their signature crop sweats and slouchy sweatshirt. They seem to have some good promos/sales going on so be sure to check out the home page when you land there to take advantage of whatever’s being offered that day. You could slip into these pink sneakers when you run down to the lobby for coffee while the boys are still sleeping.

Also on sale at Nordstrom, two nice pajama sets – one from Eberjey and these loose and lovely pairing in matte satin which comes in some pretty colors like navy midnight and pink rose cloud (I prefer those colors to the grey version shown here).  You could also wear these satin pieces separately – just pair the shirt with jeans and give it a little half-tuck or wear the bottoms with a nice tank and dressy slides.

Most of us need to slip a bra under these comfy clothes when we’re hanging around with the kids at home. I read someone on line call these “bed bras”…!  These Commmando bralettes are very comfortable and some colors/versions are on sale. Okay, I know this store is really for teens – but I am a little obsessed with their lace boy briefs. They are 7 for $29 online. They come in the prettiest colors and fit well.

It’s can pretty stressful when you’re traveling with teens – whether it’s dealing with their wins/losses at a game or the angst around the college tour – so be sure to chill everyone out with these RELAX slippers. (C’mon! So cute!!)

And when you’re on the road, you probably find yourself taking care of everyone else and forgetting about yourself. (I’m sure you’ve stood there making 30 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for snacks on the field while everyone else is using that time to shower and get ready.) This rose and coconut Herbivore luxe hydration trio nourishes and hydrates the skin – a nice treat at the end of the day while the team is down the hall playing Fortnite.

One of the moms on our soccer team brings towels and sheets with her when we’re on the road. Um, that seems a bit much – I mean, I guess it’s a good idea but seriously…  However, here is something small you could do to feel better – a silk pillowcase! I’ve been looking for a nice one and found them to be a bit pricey but this one from Drybar looks like it would work out well and it is relatively inexpensive.

I think this style might be called SAFE FOR HOME – #SFH. Make sure to tell us what you’re wearing and what you’re looking for – follow us at Facebook and Instagram @thekoolestmoms.

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