Last Day of High School: From A Dad To His Daughter

Meg Sullivan’s dad Tom showed her a little love every morning by peeling an orange and putting it into her lunch bag. The small gesture started when she was in kindergarten and ended, last week, on the last day of high school.

Sure she is 17, but what parent doesn’t like to do a few little things for their kid, to show them how much we care?

But everything changed on the last day of school when, Sullivan says, she got to school and there were two UNPEELED oranges in her lunch and a print out of instructions on how to peel an orange.

She shared with all of her friends and, eventually, almost half a million people who liked her Tweet, a picture of his instructions with this: “My dad has been peeling oranges for my lunch since kindergarten & on my last day of high school I got this instead.”

Sullivan thinks she knows why her dad peeled her oranges for so long, “I’m his last kiddo leaving for college this year, and you can tell he’s really really sad about it,” she said. “He has always gone above and beyond and is easily the cutest and most caring man I’ll ever know. It’s gonna break my heart to leave him for college, no doubt.”

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