Kiss Your Mom Goodbye

It’s the 20th year of this wonderful tradition that can warm any mom’s heart. Bishop Kelly High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma kicked off the school year by doing something a bit different. Each year for the past two decades incoming 9th graders are welcomed to their new school by cheering crowds of screaming seniors.

As they approach the school, readying to get out of their parent’s cars, their new schoolmates insist they kiss their mothers goodby before embarking on their first day of high school (see video).  Can we get an ahhhhhhhhhhhh?

The 20-year tradition of "Kiss Your Mom Goodbye" continued this morning with the Class of 2023! Thank you so much to the parents, students and teachers who contributed footage to this video and made this morning an absolute blast. 2019-2020 will be our BEST school year yet! #thisisbk #classof2023

Posted by Bishop Kelley High School on Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Holding placards to remind the freshmen to kiss their moms, one senior said he had been looking forward to being among the greeter for 3 years. Nearly 200 seniors took part in the joyous event and kicked the year off the right way. Some of the freshmen looked mortified that the thought of kissing their parents in front of the senior class but others beamed positively joyous.  Hope this is a tradition that spreads!

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