Freshmen: Emotionally Underprepared for College

As parents we worry.  Are our kids ready for college?  Are they academically prepared? Are they socially ready? Are they independent enough to live without us?

A Harris poll conducted this spring (See Infographic Below) by The JED Foundation, Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, and The Jordan Porco Foundation looked at the experience of over 1,500 freshmen.

The results were surprising.

  • Fully 60% of the students surveyed wished they had received more emotional preparation in getting ready for college.
  • Half of students found it challenging to get emotional support at school when they needed it.
  • Those students who felt less prepared for college had lower grades and were more likely to rate their college experience as “terrible.”
  • Students overwhelmingly felt that the emphasis in high school was on being academically rather than emotionally ready for college.
  • The majority of students said their relationship with their parents had improved since going to college, and that they apprised their parents of their academic progress and well-being.
  • Yet, “50% of students reported feeling stressed most or all of the time and 36% did not feel as if they were in control of managing the stress of day-to-day college life.”

    This Report, THE FIRST-YEAR COLLEGE EXPERIENCE: A look into students’ challenges and triumphs during their first term at collegegives a great deal of detail (in easy to read color graphics) on today’s college freshmen and they challenges they face.


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