Dear Daughter, Don’t Worry About the Tears I’ll Shed

I am so excited for you and your new adventure! Whether you decide to read this tonight or a few weeks from now, know that I am always rooting for you to climb the mountain of your dreams. You have spent a lot of hours, days, months, sweat, and tears getting ready to get ready to be your own person and preparing to go on this adventure. Know that part of you has already accomplished your dream by getting to the point of sitting right where you are right now. I could not be more proud of you.

Mom's letter to daughter at college

You might be nervous going to your first class at such a big university. No matter how big or small the class is, every single one of your classmates are feeling the same way. Take the time to smile at someone and introduce yourself to at least one person so you both won’t feel alone. They might turn out to be your best friend for life or at least a person you can compare notes with. They might also be the one you cry with after your first major exam. Whether it’s tears of joy or commiserating in frustration you will have someone to tackle the next one with.

Don’t try to stay in your comfort zone, as tempting as it might be. Try new things. Meet different people. It’s an opportunity to create a new you. You might be surprised at what you might learn about yourself. This is the time to do it. See a flyer about an organization that interests you? Check it out. You are under no obligation or peer pressure to stay. You also might find a new passion you didn’t know existed. This may lead to a new hobby or even a different path. And that is ok. Just because you might change your mind doesn’t mean you will disappoint me. I want you to be passionate and enjoy what you study so that you are happy.

Be the positive person. It will make you feel good and others around you. While you are busy keeping up with your classes, don’t neglect your body’s needs. You know..physical activity to reduce stress…even taking a walk can clear your head sometimes of feeling blue or frustrated. Just try to be smart and safe.

I am always a text or phone call away. If you find yourself in a position that you need help, just text me a big X. I will get to you or help you find the resources to help you. And if you don’t want to tell me about it, that’s ok too. We can just talk about the pets or I can take you to lunch. Remember you can also call your big sister who has probably been in your situation. Btw, even though you still think she is the golden child, you are platinum and she made mistakes and learned from them. You got to watch but feel free to make your own mistakes. I made some too and survived.

There’s a few extra dollars in your account to get anything you think you might have forgotten and desperately need. I love you sunshine. “You make me happy. You’ll never know, Dear, how much I love you.” And don’t worry about me shedding those tears when I leave you in your dorm. I am going to be fine…just like you.


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