Better Off Being Worse Off?

A Grown and Flown friend writes: Don’t get me wrong – I love the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed, and am grateful that our hard work has brought us this good fortune.  Fine dining, luxurious linens, far-flung travel.  But this isn’t just the way my husband and I live our lives; we have two children who come along for the ride, and have been doing so since their formative years. I wonder, would they have been better off, worse off?


backyard fence, flowers, white picket fence

Through no fault of their own, they can discern the not so subtle differences between dry aged sirloin and the steaks served at a chain restaurant, 500 thread count Egyptian cotton and “scratchy” sheets, or a concierge vs. a make your own waffle station in the lobby.  Yet I worry that we have done them a great disservice and really wish they had grown up in a less affluent environment. Their grandparents question how they will ever survive on their own once they are off our payroll.

I certainly hope we have not ruined them.

If given a do-over, I fantasize about a smaller home, “staycations,” and a whirlybird lawn sprinkler in the backyard.  Nothing wrong with taking a first trip to Europe in one’s late twenties, as I did.  Though my darlings don’t demand these privileges, I regret that they are even part of their vocabulary.  And yes, they have flown coach on long haul flights.  Still I wonder, would they be better off being worse off?

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