8 Best Websites for Parents to Share With Their College Kids

My kids know a whole lot more about the online world than I do. But that doesn’t mean that sometimes they can’t use a bit of input from parents. They may be worried about finding places to eat, their friends and football scores, but here are a few websites for other things I hope to show them.

Best Websites for College Kids

1. Retailers, cultural institutions, transportation, and even insurers offer student discounts.

Here is a short list from StudentRateBut every time your student goes to buy something she should look for that discount. With some retailers, all you need to do is ask.

2. Any student looking for a summer or permanent job needs LinkedIn for Students.

It is important that students take the time and fill out their profile entirely. But social media profiles…all second nature for our kids. This short video will show you and your student why LinkedIn isn’t “just for old people with heavy briefcases.” Just remind them that this profile photo can’t include the red Solo cup.

3.Amazon Student

Amazon Prime for Students is a website for college kids that offers a great deal. Free for the first six months, students can take advantage of free two-day shipping. For freshmen just settling in, this great offer can be used for last-minute dorm purchases, books and anything else they need delivered to campus right away.

4. Odyssey

For every parent of a budding writer, or just a student who feels they have something to say, here is the place to start. Odyssey Online is

a millennials-focused social content platform that crowdsources and shares a diversity of views and perspectives from millennials in their local communities.

Students do not need to be English/writing/journalism majors – just people who are passionate about some things and want to share their perspective. Odyssey is in over 600 communities, but if there isn’t an Odyssey presence on your kid’s campus already, they would love to help your student launch one.

5. Google Scholar

Our kids have been Googling their questions for as long as they can remember. They have come to rely on the search engine for both research and information. But for real in-depth research, the kind they are supposed to do in school, Google Scholar is the website for college kids for academics.

6. A national news website

College kids need to get their heads out of the bubble and learn about the real world. Visiting a daily news service, or subscribing to its feed, is one of the best ways to do this. Traditional websites still offer some of the best content, be it The New York Times, Washington Post or Wall Street Journal. But there is a new generation of sites steeped in serious news and aimed at their generation including Vox, 538 and The Upshot. All of these are great ways for our newest voters to keep informed.

7. Indeed for jobs

There are great openings on this search website and a huge inventory of first jobs and internships. The site is particularly easy to tailor to any search by topic, position, and location without using cumbersome drop down menus that don’t have the options you want. Rather, just put in the words that interest you and jobs appear. It warms any mom’s heart to see that many openings for internships.

8. TheSkimm

Do our kids have time to read the news…well according to them, no. But as parents, we know how important it is that they stay informed about the world around them. Some super smart recent college grads (okay class of ’08) and their talented staff skim the news every morning, highlight the important events and then deliver it to our kids inboxes before they even wake up. Could it be easier? This website skews heavily female.

Photo credit: LinkedIn for Students


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