Weekend Reading with Grown and Flown in Mind

This past week, Grown and Flown was thrilled to be featured in some of the blogs we love the most.  If you are looking for some new weekend reading, you might want to take a peek at these:

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Scary Mommy  The funniest, most irreverent look at parenthood on the web, or maybe anywhere else. Our contribution, however, was a very serious look at recent events in The Myth of Protection.


Weekend-Reading, Grown and Flown

Huffington Post  Readers have left a quarter of a billion comments on this ground- breaking site. Need we say more? This week we looked at our self-inflicted wounds in The Mommy War Within.

HuffPost, Grown and Flown, Weekend-Reading

Carpool Goddess  You may have felt like a carpool goddess, too, at times, but this writer is the real deal in a look at the Good, the Bad and the Laundry as College Moms Share Their Stories

Weekend-Reading, Grown and Flown

BlogHer  This is where it all began, a network of bloggers that reaches 55 million readers. Their tag line,”a life well said,” says it all.  It is prom time and here are the Prom Commandments.

Weekend-Reading, Grown and Flown

Lifetime Moms  The television network that began with a mission of programming first and foremost for women, has never stopped. Here we wrote about Good Parenting Gone Bad.

Lifetime TV, Grown and Flown, Weekend-Reading

Better After 50  Starting over in life, work, family after the age of 50?  Here is where to begin. This week we looked at Mothers and Sons.

Weekend-Reading, BA50, Grown and Flown
Patch Where the story is about your community, in 1000 towns across America and linked digitally by parent, AOL. We write about Blindsided by Childhood Milestones.

Patch.com, AOL, Weekend-Reading, Grown and Flown



  1. says

    Congrats on all the features! As for the war within, you make the best decision you can with what you know and feel in your gut, and move forward.

    • says

      Jill, how nice to see you here at G&F ! I agree that you make the best decision using your gut feel, and “move forward.” Thanks for the kind words on our stories and let’s stay in touch. MD

  2. Julie DeNeen says

    Congrats! So many wonderful features!!!

  3. Carpool Goddess says

    Honored to be in your weekend roundup! Good job ladies you’re on fire! P.S. Love the collage :)

  4. says

    Wow! That’s encouraging to so see that many sites interested in excellent writing. I get irritated with the bland, ill-thought out pieces that pass for parenting essays of late. Glad to see you get the kind of exposure you deserve.

  5. says

    You are prolific, profound and so much fun! I’ve read all of these and enjoyed them all. Congrats on being so well rounded out in the blogosphere and beyond!