As the Fall Foliage Floats to the Ground….

The days have grown shorter and the fall foliage we love is ending its showy season.  But today, on Thanksgiving Day, we are filled with gratitude for you, our readers, and give thanks for your engagement, comments and insights. Daily we share our pages with our friend and gifted photographer, TB Kilman, and for her, we are especially appreciative.

fall foliage, maple tree, Sleepy Hollow, autumn leaves

We wish you and your families the happiest of Thanksgivings!

Mary Dell and Lisa



Thanksgiving Dinner: Meals and Memories

Mary Dell writes: Thanksgiving dinner is our favorite meal, hands down. Not only is it a day of fabulous eating, family and football, but it is also the day when we give our diets a hall pass, stuffing ourselves in a way we would never dream of the other 364 days of the year. But more than the food we savor, it is the scent of the feast that we love and that endures.

Thanksgiving Dinner

The sense of smell more than sight, hearing or even taste, is where we store our most cherished and vintage memories. Once you raise that first fork full of stuffing, you begin breathing in a memory of your childhood home. As you sit at the table with your friends and your kids, your parents, aunts, cousins…..everyone starts their own homeward journey remembering Thanksgivings when they were very, very young.

Lisa and I are getting ready for the holiday at our two homes and have asked our friends about their traditions.  While hewing to the classics, they shared a few favorites, both traditional and idiosyncratic, but all treasured like the family heirlooms they indeed are.

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