Stages of Grief: Storm Edition

fallen trees, Pollarding, Hurricane Sandy, trees, chain sawLisa writes: Lest you think we are obsessed with Sandy, and its dire aftermath, let me assure you that we are. Obsession is the final stage reached before the electric power is restored, and with it, our normal lives. For those of us just north of NYC this is the third time in just over a year that we have had a weather wipe-out and lost all of our utilities.   We now recognize obsession as one of the classic and final stages of grief (storm-wise) as we try to will the Con Edison trucks to head to our neighborhoods.

Stages of grief during Sandy

Anticipation, it’s coming. How big and how bad are the only questions unanswered. Preparation begins and with it a frenetic blur of activity.  Anticipation is the nexus where dread and excitement cross paths. [Read more…]

Hurricane Sandy…Oh, What We Didn’t Know

hurricane damage, storm roof damage,

Lisa writes: Sandy…well that knocked us for a loop. Mary Dell and I live in Westchester County, NY and while we know we did not see the worst of the storm, and have in mind those who did, we are without heat, light, water, electrify, telephone, cable…you get the idea.  The beauty of a hurricane, if there is one, is that unlike say an earthquake, there is a bit of time to prepare.  And while we thought and read, studied and prepared, we found there were a few dos and don’ts that we missed.   (Thank you to Starbucks for heat, light and, most of all, wifi.) [Read more…]

Calm Before the Storm, Hurricane Sandy

calm before the storm, empty nest, college son

Dear Son,

While I trust you will be absolutely fine in your college dorm room these next few days with Hurricane Sandy heading toward shore, I cannot help but worry. You may be 22 years old but my instinct to protect you and your sister will remain undiminished throughout my life. Today it is the calm before the storm and we are prepared here at home. Unlike every other storm, this is the first time you have not been with us when the forecast has turned grim. A large swath of the eastern part of the country is in harm’s way and that includes you, dear.  So, just in case you have not already thought of these things, please humor me – you are good at it – and keep reading: [Read more…]