Mother’s Day Flowers

Grown and Flown sends you this digital bouquet of Mother’s Day flowers taken by our friend, TBKilman, at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. We invite you to click through these stunning photos. Have a wonderful day!

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Work-Life Balance

Returning to work

Back on the Career Track, pt. 2

Carol Fishman Cohen, co-founder of irelaunch,  returns today with some concise words of advice for anyone looking to reignite a career or maybe change direction. She gives us some great personal stories that we hope will provide inspiration and direction. If you want to hear more Carol gave a great interview with Better After 50 (BA50) […]

returning to work

Returning to Work After a Career Break: The GOOD News

Carol Fishman Cohen, Co-founder, iRelaunch writes: Regardless of her intent, Judith Warner’s NYT Magazine article “The Mid Career Time Out (Is Over)” is causing readers to conclude that taking a career break leads inevitably to divorce, misery and lower pay.  Not only is this conclusion negative and demoralizing, but it’s not true. Taking a career break […]

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College Checklist

school, motivating students

College Graduation and the Parenthood Abyss

Mary Dell writes: My son, our eldest child, will celebrate his college graduation this weekend. Today, while I sit in the kitchen, I read the fine words of another mom whose child recently graduated. I begin to imagine the moment when our son’s name is called and he walks onto the stage to receive his diploma. […]

Eight Best of the Empty Nest

8 Best of the Empty Nest

Here are our 8 Best of the Empty Nest, the handful of beautiful musings that we feel encapsulate the journey from parenting in our homes full of little kids to parenting young adults striking out on their own. Some of these amazing writers offer us up their pain, most their humor and all their love. […]

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Parenting and Sports


Making an Urgent Case for Physical Activity

Mary Dell writes: From the moment we know our children exist, months before we lay eyes on them, we hope and pray for their good health. Unfortunately, the news that Lisa and I learned last week at the Social Good Summit is not all good.  At a session titled Designed to Move: A Physical Activity Action Agenda, […]


Saying Goodbye to the Sideline

Lisa writes: It is the beginning of the end.  As the cool autumn air descends, Mary Dell and I stand on the sideline for one final season, watching our seniors take to the fields with their respective high school soccer teams. We are breathing in memories from the days when their little legs were so […]

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Parenting and Social Media

Grown and Flown, Mary Dell Harrington, Dell Venue

Grown and Flown Talks Technology, Sex and Sexting

Dell Inc. traveled from Texas to Manhattan and created a pop-up workspace and showroom for their laptops and new Dell Venue tablets. They hosted “She Does it With Dell” and invited Grown and Flown to speak to an audience of  parenting bloggers, journalists, and moms. Skai Blue Media managed the event which also featured Stephanie Humphrey […]

Teens and social media, sex drugs and social media

Sex, Drugs, Social Media and What I Failed to Tell My Kids

Lisa writes: If the only thing I told my kids about sex was to use protection, would you think me a good parent? If I had never said more about drugs than, stay away, would that have been alright? Then why is it okay that the only thing I told my kids about social media […]

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Empty Nest

bank vault, money, bank

Is it Worth the Money?

Lisa and our good friend, Sharon Greenthal, who blogs at Empty House, Full Mind, asked the question “What is worth spending money on?” Money is a private and often touchy subject, yet the respondents were candid and their answers, revealing.  Here is the post appearing today on both blogs. In the weeks between tossing out […]

New York Times Social Media Conference, turning 30, Twitter

I Don’t Really Want to be Turning 30 Again, but…

Lisa writes: I don’t really want to be turning 30 again.  I truly believe what I wrote about midlife being a time when we have more time, more confidence and more resources. And given this, it is not surprising that once we pass 46, we are happier. I have largely come to grips with the underbelly […]

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  1. says

    Spectacular in their beauty and sentiment. Thank you! Happy Mothers Day, ladies!

  2. joan beach says

    thank you thank you. what a beauitful Mother’Day gift for me.

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    Gorgeous, Theresa! Wow – great light, beautiful colors. Hope you had an amazing trip! Happy Mother’s Day!!

    • says

      Jodie, so great to hear from you. Yes, the trip was amazing! Hope we can get together soon for a photo walk. Enjoy Mother’s Day with your two adorable boys.

    • says

      Many thanks for your lovely comment on the flowers. Love your post on cooking Mother’s Day dinner at home. Enjoy your day of being appreciated.

  4. says

    Thank you for the beautiful treat! And happy mother’s day to all.

  5. says

    Truly spectacular! Love this! Thank you for sharing. Happy Mother’s Day to you, Lisa and Mary Dell, as well as to all the mothers and others who read this lovely blog!

    • happy outlook says

      Thank you for your wonderful comments. Also, I love your blooming flowers in your Grandma hoya post – what a great story!

  6. Carpool Goddess says

    Absolutely gorgeous! Happy Mother’s Day to you both!

  7. happy outlook says

    A wonderful Mother’s Day to you too!

  8. says

    how beautiful. Thank you. what a nice idea. funny too since my daughter has lived in melbourne for the last few years so it’s like a little present from her as well. you two are amazing.

  9. happy outlook says

    Sandy- thank you so much! Interesting about your daughter living in Melbourne – what a wonderfully interesting city.