12 Most Wise Things to Remember When Your College Kids Come Home

Lisa writes: Our college kids. We love them, we miss them — and then, when they come home for school breaks… we are ready to kill them. At Grown and Flown, we have explored life through these tumultuous years as we help our kids ready themselves for the adult world.

12 Most

Here are some things to remember:

1. College kids love us but they love their friends too

Don’t be hurt when they give you the hello and goodbye and head straight out the door to see their old high school buddies.

2. They have spent a semester (at least) reinventing themselves and may look a tad different

Perhaps don’t lead with “OMG, you got your nose pierced!”

 3. Alcohol is very much part of college life

They drink at school, they will want to drink at home. Get the family policy ready.

 4. They may now have a girlfriend or boyfriend with whom they are sleeping at college.

See above, get the family policy ready.

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