Chobani: Nothing But Good

I would not buy a product simply because the founder is a small businessman who has a passion for entrepreneurship and who donates 10% of all the proceeds.  I would not buy a product simply because the company has invested in the towns in which they have their plants and the employees are insanely passionate about the company.  I would not buy a product because they have a trendy new store in NYC that sells flavors and combinations that make your head spin.   Or would I? One word, “Chobani.”

What if it tasted amazing and had incomparable health benefits?  What if it was fat-free, portion-controlled, all real and came in flavors like Pomegranate and Passion Fruit?

Chobani Greek yogurt, Greek yogurt, calcium for women

At Grown and Flown, you are not used to hearing us talk about products, but there is one product that Mary Dell and I are so obsessed with that we had to explore further. Their stylish website was a perfect place to begin.

When we discovered a shared craving for the little cups of yogurt and fruit we set out to meet the Chobani people who make our day, every morning.  You might call us Yogurt Groupies.

But still you might ask…why Chobani?  And why are the two of you writing about this and giving away free product??? Recently, Mary Dell and I met Elizabeth Poisson, Chobani Community Coordinator, for breakfast at the Chobani Cafe in SoHo (a must) and after spilling to her all of the reasons we are passionate about the product, we thought we would share them here as well. After breakfast Elizabeth was kind enough to send us some of our own Chobani favorites after I told her that my local grocery store has trouble keeping Chobani on the shelves!

Chobani Soho, Greek yogurt shop in Soho

It is about good, truly excellent taste

The reality is we wouldn’t eat Chobani and our kids and husbands wouldn’t eat it, if it didn’t taste divine.  When I discovered Fig with Orange Zest, I also discovered it sold out quickly in my grocery store.  Chobani has an amazing six-week shelf life so, my solution:


I had seen Greek yogurt in the store before and I associated it with overly tart almost slightly bitter plain yogurt, and as a result I was reluctant to try it.  I learned that the label “Greek” in this case primarily means strained. By straining yogurt, Chobani removed the watery whey, creating a thicker yogurt that has almost one-third of the RDA of protein in a small six-ounce cup, twice that of traditional yogurt.  For me it the difference between being hungry again at 10:15 and making it to lunch.

Building strong bones and bodies never gets old

Mary Dell and I started out eating Chobani because it is a high protein breakfast but the health benefits did not stop there. Calcium is a big problem for me.  I don’t like milk and drink my coffee black.  I try not to eat much cheese because of the calorie content and ditto ice cream.  I love green vegetables, but how much can one eat?

While the message of consuming calcium is relevant for all, it is a critical issue for midlife women. Women in midlife need calcium and, until lately, we have filled this need with supplements as suggested by physicians.   Jane Brody of the The New York Times recently reported that this may no longer be the best course of action, “In February, the United States Preventive Services Task Force recommended that postmenopausal women refrain from taking supplemental calcium and vitamin D. After reviewing more than 135 studies, the task force said there was little evidence that these supplements prevent fractures in healthy women.”

And then Brody said the words we longed to hear, “Yogurt, which ounce for ounce is an even better source of calcium than fluid milk, has achieved unprecedented popularity in recent years, but few consume it more than once a day, which doesn’t come close to meeting dietary needs.”  One six-ounce cup of strained yogurt has 20% of RDA of calcium.  So even if you only eat two a day, you have made a sizable dent in your daily requirement.

Calcium another whey

Calcium can be a problem for not only women but for the estimated 75% of the adult population that is lactose intolerant.  While lactose intolerance is not an allergy and does not mean that the person cannot consume milk products, it does mean that eating milk products and many cheeses can result in uncomfortable digestive problems.

Yogurt, and particularly strained greek yogurt, is less than 5% lactose and is well tolerated by people who have trouble consuming other milk products.

Say no to food fads

As a baby boomer, I feel as though life has been one long food fad.  I grew up on Tang and space food bars. I thought Velveeta was cheese and Kool Aid was juice.  We thought food that could last on the shelf for years was good for us and that if it was fun, almost toy-like, it was even better. Yet this flies in the face of science and human history that tells us that our bodies are nourished by the Earth and foods that come from its bounty.

We are old enough to have seen fads come and go and to know that the best foods are not fads at all, but rather pure foods that have existed for centuries.  By midlife we have outgrown sickly sweet tastes and foods colored in a way that nature never intended.  We like our relationships sincere and our foods real.

Forget diets, it is all about low-calorie, healthful food

Diet fads are almost as plentiful as food fads. Shame on us, those who have seen diets come and go, if we don’t resist the latest craze and remember that reasonable amounts of healthful foods and lots of exercise has served humans well for millennia.

Portion control is one of the biggest problems with weight control.  We eat the right foods, but even then eat too much.  We eat foods labeled low-calorie, only to discover that they are a chemical wonderland with few healthful benefits.  Chobani makes it easy.  Six ounces, between 100-160 calories (depending on the flavor), grab and go.  If I fill the refrigerator with the little colored cups, instead of the pantry with lots of chips, I can even get my kids to eat healthfully.

Grown and Flown is not changing.  We are still going to fill this space with writing about raising kids through the teen and early adult years and the changes in their lives and ours.  But what is more essential to hearth and home than how we nourish our children and ourselves?

Congratulations to our Chobani giveaway winner, Katie Klopfenstein, a Grown and Flown reader from Ohio who is a mom of two sons, one in high school and the other in college. Thanks to everyone who participated in our contest and thanks to Chobani for offering the wonderful prize. 



  1. says

    I’m a big fan, too. I eat it almost every day. Love all the protein that’s in it. And I’ve never, ever eaten plain yogurt – always vanilla. But the plain is REALLY tasty.

    • says

      Sheryl, Everything they do is great – fun to try new flavors and the recipes are a wonderful resource on their site, too.

  2. says

    We always have at least a half dozen cartons in our fridge. My husband grabs one at around 3:30 every day and it keeps him happy til dinner (and away from the chips). I like mixing a carton of the vanilla with a cup of Newman’s diet lemonade and some frozen berries all in the blender for a great smoothie.

    • says

      Ditto about adding a carton to make a much creamier (and healthier) smoothie than otherwise. Strawberry yogurt plus cranberry juice is our base with berries fresh or frozen.

  3. Barbara says

    I too am a chobani fan, but if they only used grass fed cows instead of corn fed, then they would truly knock it out of the park. Because the government subsidizes corn it is now in everything and even if you try to avoid products with corn syrup you are getting it second hand from animals that are fed corn. We all need to vote with our wallets and encourage producers of products we like to use grass fed animals.

  4. Brian says

    My favorite chobani is the apple cinnamon although I tend to stay away from dairy.

  5. Carpool Goddess says

    I’m a huge fan of Chobani! I can’t drink milk and rarely eat cheese, so yogurt is one of the few ways I get my calcium. I’m excited to see they make snack size Chobani “bites” too. Thanks for keeping us healthy G&F!

    • says

      The bites are yummy – one of us is known to take very last orange and fig carton and put it right in her grocery cart. Not saying who!

    • says

      No wonder they have the biggest Greek yogurt market share in a very few years – great product!

    • says

      Good luck on the Giveaway! Try some of the flavors, the little Bites or the Champions for your kids – really great yogurt.

  6. says

    Many years ago, when yogurt was still sometimes spelled “yahurt”, I worked in a grocery store. While at work, I sampled and fell in love with the delicious, creamy treats in the Columbo yogurt packages. Then time passed, and yogurt began to be thin, gelatinous and somewhat slimy. I stopped eating it when I realized that it tasted like bad marriage between jello and milk. Yuck.
    Fast forward to the sudden appearance of “Greek Yogurt”. I took one spoonful of Chobani blueberry, and all I could think was, “It’s back!” Thick, creamy, sweetly tangy, I am a devoted consumer of Chobani every day now. Yummmmmmmmm

  7. says

    I’ve been eating Chobani for awhile now. I love many their flavors while knowing I am doing something healthy for myself, with quality protein and important probiotics being my main concern.

    I wish they were around when I grew up! Velveeta just didn’t cut it.

    I hope I win, but if I don’t I congratulate whoever does. They will be lucky indeed.

    • says

      Good luck on the giveaway, Cathy – will be exciting to see how this goes. Agreed about the fake foods of our youth.

  8. says

    I’ve never tried Chobani because I assumed all Greek yogurt was too tart for my tastes. I’m going to get some next time to go to Kroger. You’ve made it sound fabulous.

    • says

      Elizabeth, go today! Try a few cartons of whatever flavor appeals to you and the Bites are tiny and interesting blends…orange with fig or coffee with chocolate…yum.

  9. Helene Cohen Bludman says

    I have been a huge fan of Chobani ever since their products came on the market. Not only is Chobani yogurt tasty, it gives me the calcium I need for strong bones. I love experimenting with all the fabulous flavors. I must say that I haven’t yet met a Chobani I haven’t liked!

  10. says

    Love the pineapple!! (Even though it’s 2%.) I mix it with the plain to get more bang for my buck!

  11. Elena Vo says

    Mmm all these delicious fruit flavors! Never had Greek yogurt or Chobani before. Looks like a real treat!

  12. says

    I love yogurt but haven’t tried this yet. The way you write about it, maybe it’s worth a try:) Thanks!

    • says

      Cherise, do try any flavor you see at the grocery store by Chobani – we have had just about the entire product line and they are all fantastic.

  13. Emily says

    My husband LOVES Chobani yogurt — our refrigerator always has a steady supply of it. Definitely entering the giveaway!

  14. says

    I love Chobani and am so happy you had the opportunity to meet with them. Greek yogurt is the best! And Chobani has the best flavors!

    • says

      It was such fun for us…cannot tell you! Breakfast meeting in their amazing cafe, a must stop on any trip to NYC.

  15. Happyoutlook says

    Huge fan of the peach Chobani! Good to know about the Chobani Cafe. Yummy!

  16. says

    I no longer take calcium. In fact stopped some time ago. I did not grow up eating yogurt but have found I love Greek yogurt and Chobani. I think this is a super alternative for meeting one’s calcium needs.

  17. Anonymous says

    Being an 8-year out gastric bypass person, I rely on yogurt for protein … love Chobani! Like the flavors but tend to stick to plain ….
    Itty Bitty

  18. says

    Love Chobani yogurt! Healthy and tasty. I did not know there was a Chobani Cafe – awesome!

  19. Jennifer Wagner says

    I like Chobani but my husband really loves it.

  20. says

    We are a Chobani house! I’m lactose intolerant but haven’t had any issues w/Chobani. Hubby is obsessed with this brand of Greek yogurt. Nice to know, that even though I eat it everyday because I love it, it’s also very good for me.

  21. says

    Love this stuff. Huge yogurt eater and Chobani is my top favorite brand. Saw a 60 minutes piece on the founders and as an entrepreneur myself, I was inspired.

  22. says

    Really? A Chobani store? How can we get one in Cleveland?? I love their yogurt. In fact, I think I’ll head down to the fridge and crack open a strawberry yogurt right now.

    • says

      I think the only one is in Soho and it was incredible. Anyone visiting NYC should have it on their list, great walking break.

  23. says

    My Favorite yogurt!!! I discovered it a few years ago of all places while delayed in the airport for a flight and wanting something healthy.
    Ice cream is my favorite food but my hips enjoy Chobani better and the flavors seem very dessert like so my cravings are satisfied.

    • says

      I have taken to eating a Chobani bites (the little ones) in the evening as my treat. So much better than digging into a pint of ice cream and amazingly more calcium.

  24. Chloe Jeffreys says

    I’m a BIG fan and I hope I win! Calcium is a major concern I have since osteoporosis runs in my family and I already have osteopenia. Getting enough calcium is so tough. I am glad to see Chobani on our website. Moms with children grown and flown need to stay strong and healthy, too!

    • says

      Calcium is just such a huge issue for women and to have a solution that tastes like this…well, need we say more?

  25. says

    Chobani is a favorite in our house- especially the pineapple flavor!! I did not know they had fig!! Yum! I also love it because their farm is about 30 minutes from me…so I feel like I’m buying as local as I can get! :)

    • BCE says

      Hi Kelly,
      Can you tell us more about the farm and how the cows are taken care of and fed?

      thanks so much!

  26. sandy says

    I start EVERY DAY with a Chobani yogurt. :)

  27. Estelle says

    I love Chobani yogurt and so does my hubby. I usually don’t mix it all up so I leave some of the sweeter stuff on the bottom, although there are days I gobble it all up!! Love the pomegranate one.

    • says

      Just finished pomegranate, my personal favorite, though Cherry and Lemon run a close second and third.

  28. says

    I love the blood Orange flavor. Many times my store is out of it. I also like adding some fat free granola to the carton. Haven’t tried blending it into a soothie. Great idea. I’m also going to try the lemon and he fig. Love the stuff!

  29. says

    Hello Ladies… Thank you for visiting me and introducing me to your GREAT blog. Just spent the past 40 minutes perusing it and LOVE it. You ladies are great. I am your newest follower!!

  30. says

    I like the Almond Coco Loco flavor. I probably could get all of my calcium requirements from eating Chobani. :)

  31. says

    Informative review indeed regarding Chobani!! I’m a big fan of it as well and almost everyday I’m having it. Chobani all ingredients are very healthy and low calorie option make people convince to eat it more. Love all the flavors so far distributed!!