Top Reader Questions (and Answers) on Parenting Teens And College Kids

One of the most gratifying thing about creating Grown and Flown is the community of parents who have offered each other guidance, compassion and wisdom. Every day parents write to us asking questions about parenting teens and college kids. We pose their questions (entirely anonymously) on our Facebook page and the outpouring of advice and […]

The Gift Of Failure by Jessica Lahey: Review

Jessica Lahey’s The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed, the New York Times bestselling parenting book, could have been a source of frustration to parents of teenagers.  In her searingly well-written volume, Lahey shows how letting our kids experience setbacks, rather than helping them to avoid […]

Stepping Back

Today my baby started her freshman year of high school with a smile on her face. She got herself up at 6 a.m., did her hair in record time, didn’t have her usual battle with the tempestuous eyeliner, chattered away at breakfast about who she was meeting before first period and where, indulged my first-day-of-school […]

No Phone Calls, No Emails, No Texts

Turns out getting all wound up about my kids’ compulsive phone use was actually a cover for my own incessant communication addiction. I’m as bad as they are. It hit me this summer when my 14-year-old son took a two-week backpacking trip in the Wyoming wilderness. Apparently the National Outdoor Leadership School doesn’t buy the […]