The Day Women Took Over Harvard Business School

Dear Harvard Business School, Celebrating 50 years of women MBA graduates is a major milestone and please accept my sincere thanks for inviting me to the big bash. Here is what I loved about last week’s “W50 Summit:” *I spent time with 800 women, 99% of whom I had never met before. We struck up […]

Thank you, Mrs. Ainslie, for being in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Mary Dell writes: Airplane trips offer few comforts – no food, uncomfortable seats, dreary in-flight entertainment. Last week, however, on a flight with my family, American Airlines offered a movie I wanted to see. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was well worth it. One of the main characters, Mrs. Ainslie, was a disagreeable woman who nagged her […]

“When Did You Know Your Dog Needed Pet Therapy?”

Mary Dell writes: At lunch with a new friend,  I chatted about attending pet therapy.   Very delicately she asked “When did you know your dog needed therapy?” I  must have skipped a few crucial details in discussing how I work with my dog to give, not receive, treatment. Slipping the lanyard with the pair […]