The UniversityParent Guide to Supporting Your Student’s Freshman Year: A Review

The two monumental changes in our families, the moment our children arrive and when they leave, are marked with great emotion, some confusion, a feeling that life is about to change forever and a long list of things to buy. When our kids were born we read through well-thumbed guides looking for both information and […]

Shakespeare and the Empty Nest

Shakespeare had something to say about every subject, though what he had to say was mediated through the voices of characters who were sometimes shameless liars. However, so insightful and articulate is even the worst Shakespearean character, that striking thoughts about almost any subject can be found by sifting through the Bard’s plays. Even thoughts […]

The “Sibling Factor” in College Choice

High school seniors are influenced by many factors when selecting a college to attend but new research suggests an additional influence: siblings. Researchers from Harvard* found that an older sibling’s college choice had a measurable impact on younger kids in the house, particularly if the siblings were the same gender, close in age and academic […]

Dad, Alcohol and the Dipping Birds

On the main street of the town I grew up in, there were two restaurants – the Edelweiss and the South Seas. How a small town in Connecticut ended up with these dining possibilities I do not know, but in any case we never went to the Edelweiss (where I imagined the women wore lederhosen […]