As the Fall Foliage Floats to the Ground….

The days have grown shorter and the fall foliage we love is ending its showy season.  But today, on Thanksgiving Day, we are filled with gratitude for you, our readers, and give thanks for your engagement, comments and insights. Daily we share our pages with our friend and gifted photographer, TB Kilman, and for her, we are especially appreciative.

fall foliage, maple tree, Sleepy Hollow, autumn leaves

We wish you and your families the happiest of Thanksgivings!

Mary Dell and Lisa




  1. Ellen Schubert says:

    Ladies -thank you for sharing your insights and observations about growing as your children grow. You are all so talented even if your children don’t yet realize it- Teresa I love the photos ! xo Ellen

  2. Happy Thanksgiving

  3. Thanks so much and same to you!

  4. Nareen Rivas says:

    Happy thanksgiving ladies. I love reading your website. It’s always filled with very sage advice and wonderful anecdotes. Thank you for sharing both w/ your readers : )

    • Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and for both reading and commenting. So glad that you are here.

  5. Jane de Beneducci says:

    Beautiful picture, hoping everyone has their families with them and enjoying the holiday. You have shared so many experiences, thank you for allowing us to feel part of them.

  6. What a beautiful fall picture….is it weird that I look forward to the snow? Every change of seasons is a bit poignant – but hopeful, as well. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and are ready to plunge into the season ahead!